ΙΝΑΘΕΝS holds and participates in seminars, symposiums and conferences in Europe and beyond. It cooperates, at research and writing level, with universities with a view to offering top quality scientific work in the field of developmental disorders, specific syndromes (Turner, Klinefelter), specific language impairment etc. It is a staunch advocate of a joint promotion of mental health through constant updating and research-based contribution to the development of new assessment methodologies and revisited therapeutic approaches living up to the modern-day standards.


Published Projects

Turner syndrome (TS) is a genetic disorder in females characterized by the complete or partial absence of one X chromosome.

Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) is a genetic disorder in males characterized by the presence of an extra X chromosome

Digit ratio (2D:4D) in individuals with intellectual disability: Investigating the role of testosterone in the establishment of cerebral lateralisation